Wedding Perfume

A friend recently gave me a really lovely suggestion with regards to Wedding perfume, something I hadn’t even thought about yet. She said that 5 months before her wedding, on her birthday she received some Chanel No.5 perfume. That afternoon of her birthday, she was flying out to her hen do, so naturally as she was getting ready she used the perfume. When she came back she noticed that she was wearing the perfume for all her wedding related errands by complete coincidence, and most importantly not at work. On the big day, the perfume was part of the morning getting ready ritual. Now whenever she smells the Chanel fragrance, it takes her back to her wedding day and brings back all those amazing memories. I thought this was such a great idea and definitely something I will be doing!


I did a bit of research to find out why smells can bring back memories and it seems that the part of the body responsible for our sense of smell is closely linked to the parts of the brain which are associated with emotion and memory…so just as the smell of freshly cut grass or the smell of home baking may take you back to your infant summers, your perfume could be the scent that for years to come will remind you of your wedding day….GENIUS.


- Don’t wear the scent for work

- Wear for all wedding related activities

- Search for a fresh or classic fragrance which you won’t get bored of over the next few months

- Buy a size big enough so that you don’t run out before the big day! (or if it is a smaller size make sure you can easily get hold of it again)