All invites will be sent out with the request of an RSVP, however even with the best intentions some of your party may be under the impression that because in passing you have chatted about how you are going to dance the night away together, they don’t need to formally respond with a yay or nay for attendance.

Anyone who didn’t RSVP as per the invite by the date we added, I just emailed or text politely to get a definite answer. I wanted everything in writing (call me Bridezilla, I say organised!) and don’t feel bad for doing so, you have a lot of things riding on the confirmation of the guest list; numbers for your venue/caterer/seating/church it’s super helpful to have a confirmed number.


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I have updated everything in my nifty guestlist tracker (which I covered right at the beginning of my Lula+Rye venture) as and when people have responded to me. We also asked for song requests so this was an easy way to also document these!

Good luck