Lula&Rye's guide to flowers on a budget

The cost of flowers can creep up quickly especially if you are having the wedding and reception in 2 different venues. Even if you have something small planned for a church like pew ends you will easily need a fair few flower arrangements for each end which all adds up to your overall flower budget. Here is a simple way to decorate your venues instead of using flowers...

Transform a wicker heart in to a beautiful and dainty accessory which will perfectly fit with most weddings (similar to buy can be found here). All I did to this was remove the white satin ribbon and replaced with jute twine (just follow how the shop bought one was tied) then added some gypsophila which is one of the cheapest buds you can find!

Et voila! These cost around £2.50 each to make and I think they make a really elegant decoration

We have these to hire out on Lula&Rye if you didn't want to have a go at making them! Have a look here for a few more Pinterest inspirations…

The best thing is, after a church service these can be transported back to the venue to be added to the backs of chairs around the party. They could also be given as presents to your friends and family who may want a piece of the wedding to take home.

A top tip for saving money on your flowers is to look at the type of flowers you're using, is there a cheaper alternative you can use or can you intersperse with a foliage? I've put together a little collage of inspirational images below of bouquets that are still beautiful without breaking the budget

All images from Pinterest

I think you'll agree that the above ideas look just as beautiful as if you had spent a small fortune on floristry, your bank balance will definitely thank you for it