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We have some very exciting news! Lula&Rye are joining forces with the gorgeous Harry Makes It Up, (who is also my sister!) on a webinar next weekend on my favourite subject – WEDDINGS. Harry herself only just got wed a couple of weeks ago and it got her thinking about brides and the cost of paying to have their make-up done for the big day. We’ll be talking about this and she has asked me to come along and share some of my own tips with you! I’ll be covering a few DIY decoration ideas and also talking about some venue ideas.

This will be a great opportunity for any one wedding planning to get some really practical advice about venues, decorations, make up and all most importantly it’s all budget friendly…what’s not to love!

It’s going to be so much fun, so come hang out with us on sunday 26th June 6pm GMT! For all the details and to reserve your spot CLICK HERE. We'll be doing a live Q&A and I'll be doing a special offer on our services for anyone joining us. See you there!