I do!

My name is Lucy and my partner Rich and I are getting hitched in a mere 5 months and 19 days on 27th September this year. We have been together for over 8 years now and I sound super cheesy when I say I absolutely can’t wait to be married, but I actually can’t. I also in complete unorthodox fashion, popped the question to him! I even surprised myself when I made this decision as I was ever the traditionalist but we had a turbulent year with several family members not very well and the pressure on Rich to propose was mounting.

I had envisioned the perfect proposal when we were due to go on holiday to the South of France last year (which he had also confessed to friends a few months before), then 2 weeks before we left we received the terrible news that my granddad had passed away. The holiday then preceded to be a mixture of fun and reflection and it just wasn’t the right time.

A month and then 2 went by without a proposal and I had the strong feeling that if we wanted to get married, we should just do it; throw caution to the wind. As the weeks went by the idea grew on me, especially when Rich confessed he was terrified to ask my dad which I knew he should not be worried about.

So on Sunday 22nd September 2014, I made enough cupcakes to ice with the letters to spell out ‘MARRY ME?’ and over Sunday afternoon tea with his favourite ham and mustard sandwiches (he knew something was suspicious when this happened) I gave the cakes to him and proposed. I have never seen a person so shocked before and said yes instantly!

I always wonder if he ever regrets that I did it, but to me especially after the loss of someone so special in my life, I knew I didn’t want to wait any longer and it didn’t matter to me how it happened, I just knew I wanted to spend my life with this man. It almost seemed to add a spring in his step as it took away the nerves and pressure of him having to do it….

….So here we are 6 months in to our engagement and we have the church booked, a marquee and barn reception sorted, just the small matter of putting it together and making it all happen! Which is where the blog comes in. Over the coming months I’ll be updating with my trials and tribulations of planning a wedding on a budget and filling these pages with ideas and inspirations, and finally the big day in September!

Even if no one else reads this, I thought what a lovely diary of events with the wedding at the end for me and Rich to look back on. But if you are reading, thank you…hold tight and enjoy!!

Lucy (Lula) and Rich (Rye) xx