Hair Trials

If you are hiring someone to do your hair, make sure you get chance to have a consultation/hair trial prior to the big day, this is generally included in the price. I know I have DIY’d a lot of the styling details for the big day but anything to do with us (dress/suit/my hair etc.) we have spent a bit of money on, if you are confident to do hair/make up yourself I say go for it, will save you an absolute heap of money! I just know my hair, it is total fluke on the days where I think it looks half decent and don’t fancy the worry the morning of the wedding so I am in the more than capable hands of James White.

**For anyone getting wed in the midlands, James’ studio is based in Nottingham and he is nothing short of a hair genius! Definitely look him up!**


Photo Credit: Rachael Connerton Photography

I went to James a couple of weekends ago, armed with my Pinterest board to have a trial and immediately he put me at ease with explaining that I didn’t have to absolutely decide what I was having, this was just to get ideas of what I liked. Phew, it’s a lot of pressure to decide in a few hours. James made me feel real comfortable to say what I did and didn’t like and within half an hour we had already tried at least 5 styles.

I would 100 million% make a pinterest board - you can instantly show your stylist what you have in mind (I already had quite a strong idea) or even if your ideas are more sporadic at least it lets them know what type of thing you like which they can try and even suggest ideas.

Don’t be afraid to say what you like! James was keen to get me to be really honest with the styles that he was trying, remember, you have to look at these photos for a lifetime!

Make sure you leave feeling confident that you have someone who will make a nice atmosphere on the morning of the wedding and most importantly helps you to look and feel amazing!

These are the fun parts of the wedding planning and help you to get really excited about the big day