For the tall girls

Being nearly 6” and a size UK 9 feet my wedding experience has been somewhat different to the experience most people have in mind when they dream of their wedding scenario, mainly with the wedding dress and wedding shoe shopping. It’s not the best feeling to be trying on wedding dresses when they are a foot too short or asking for your shoe size in 10 different shops and being told ‘sorry that style isn’t sold in your size’…but have faith.

After much research I have a few tips for the tall girls amongst us to help get by during this time, because it is exciting you just have to know what to expect

- Ring ahead - if you find a dress shop that you like the look of and it has styles that catch your eye, ring in advance to check what size their samples come in, I have paid £20 for an appointment before where all the samples were a size UK8 and I couldn’t fit in anything, depressing and complete waste of my time and money

- Check you will be able to order extra length - make sure whichever designer or style you choose you can get extra length added if necessary (this usually comes with a slight surcharge make sure you consider this with your budget)

- Do your shoe research - there are soooo many wedding shoe suppliers and designers it can be quite overwhelming but if there is a designer you like check what sizes they do first, it’s almost worse if you fall in love with a style only to find out they don’t have your size

- See what options are available to you - I found my wedding shoes randomly through a google search for ‘UK size 9 wedding shoes’ and a website for this Marylebone boutique came up. I instantly found a pair I fell in love with and headed to the shop to try on (this is a specialist boutique for ladies with larger feet and I was in absolute heaven, I tried on so many pairs and had so much choice, definitely my new favourite shoe shop!)

Has anyone else had a different experience than they expected because of their height?