Discover Pinterest!

If I could only give 1 piece of advice for wedding planning, over the setting up of budgets and guest lists hands down it would be to set up a Pinterest. You just set up with your email address and password of your choice then you are off! Start pinning…I would 100% recommend to categorise your boards so you don't have masses of pics to search through when you want to find something….I've listed a few useful categories below:

Total wedding inspiration - helps give you an idea of the feel and look of the wedding you want. You can think about the vibe and venue whether you want cute church/vintage theme/super minimal/modern chic. It will also help move the wedding planning forward and is also great for DIY tips.


Then I would recommend smaller sub categories with more specific titles:





-Table settings

-Colour themes

The world is your oyster!!


The Pinterest boards you create are especially useful to take with you to any appointments where visuals are a must - it gets your point across in seconds. Head over to Lula and Rye's Pinterest where we have a host of wedding boards full of inspirations for your big day.