Catering Alternatives - Afternoon Tea

Due to the fact that we have a big guest list, the catering budget was definitely going to be an issue. The cheapest menus I could find for a 3 course meal was £24.95, that’s nearly £3,000 just for food alone for 120 before you factor in alcohol and I thought there just had to be a cheaper alternative.

I got thinking about meals I had enjoyed and that would sit well on a long summers afternoon…what better that the great British classic Afternoon Tea!




Adored and popular in our nations capital London, Afternoon Tea has become a complete trend, with fashion inspired and children’s story themed versions to name a few, I thought this could be the very thing we were looking for.

What excited me more was after a bit of research, found out they started at around £9.95 a head. Winner!

TOP TIP: Competition is TOUGH. All the best caterers get booked up quickly, some a year in advance, so act fast.

Here are a selection of my favourites: