Being the perfect host

As much as your family and friends will be absolutely over the moon they got the invite to join you in celebrating your big day, they are usually spending their own money to be there whether it be on a hotel, new outfit or travel. As the hosts of your wedding day/weekend/holiday, whatever it may be it's nice to make your guests feel special and welcomed especially if they've travelled a long way to be there. If you are hosting a wedding in a location which people are travelling to or you head off to another country, how about creating a 'Welcome Pack' for your guests - now you don't want to blow additional £££ on the wedding budget but even going to the effort of printing off a map of the place and/or schedule for your guests and including some sweets for them to arrive to could be a really nice touch.

These are my favourite ideas...

....failing that, I'm sure a kit kat and a lucozade would do to help curb the wedding hangover!