Be my Guest!

Following on from our blog post recently about welcoming your out of town guests and being a great host, this doesn't need to stop there, there are little things you can prepare for your guests to make them feel super special during your wedding festivities, they might even benefit you too! Here is a list of my favourites...

Flip flops for party feet - ladies that are partial to an uncomfortable shoe and all night dance floor session, this is for you! Sometimes you really want to get rid of those shoes but the alternative is to end up with blackened feet at the end of the night...alternatively pop a basket of flip flops in different sizes in the ladies rest rooms or on the dance floor

Toiletries for women in the restrooms - this follows a similar theme to the wedding day emergency kit but for guests; think perfume/tissues/deodorant/plasters/grips/hair bobbles - I might be going a bit above board here but your guests will massively appreciate this! I found this hilarious list online of dos and don'ts for the rest rooms

Umbrellas - I think this only really applies to the great British wedding, where even booking a wedding during the summer months could result in the rain pouring down. Keep your guests and their hair dos dry with a selection of umbrellas, this is mainly if you're travelling to separate venues for the wedding and wedding reception

Heel protectors - These are such a saviour and something you would probably never think to have but for anyone having a wedding that involves gardens/fields/grass these are a must. The ladies (and their shoes) will thank you A LOT

Blankets - Perfect if you have any outside seating areas, people will want to mill around during the evening reception and a nice basket of blankets will be great to keep your guests warm