Wedding Skin Preparation

As a woman, I think each of us has an idea of how we want to look and feel on our wedding day. I think it’s important to feel the best possible version of yourself; by that I don’t mean that we need to lose 2 stone or make any drastic changes, it’s just feeling the best you possibly can on such a special day. Looking after your skin is one of the easiest but possibly most important ways to get you looking healthy, fresh and glowing for that wedding day. During my wedding planning, my sister Harry (of Harry Makes It Up Beauty Blog) recently found out that I ashamedly had no skin care routine whatsoever and took my make up off with baby wipes…she was HORRIFIED.

She immediately hooked me up with a few staple items…a cleanser/toner for removing make up, a cleansing milk, a moisturiser and a rich oil to use once a week. These basics should see you through.


I started my ‘new’ regime in February before my wedding, so 7 months before and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it has made to my skin, it’s definitely softer and more supple, better late than never!

Are you trying anything special out for your wedding day skin?