Wedding dresses: Do your research!

I know my blog is predominantly about creating the best wedding possible with most things on a budget but I must admit the dress is one thing I didn’t want to scrimp on. Don’t get me wrong there are some amazing high street alternatives which don’t break the bank but the choice of wedding dresses out there is endless.

I would totally recommend doing your research! I spent countless hours looking up designers and different styles as a wedding dress is obviously something you are not looking at all the time but it can become really overwhelming very quickly!




All images from my Pinterest board

The other reason why it’s great to research, particularly in London, is because most boutiques charge you for the privilege of trying on which you can understand (generally on Saturdays at £20-£30 per appointment) so it’s good to get an idea of what designers you like first then find boutiques that maybe stock one or more of your favourite designers. **I found that there were a few different designers I liked but because the styles were quite similar some stockists had more than 1 of the brands**

One thing I struggled with is finding out the prices of things, aside from finding prices in magazines not many websites have their prices available; some stockists give you the price range on their websites but I found that pretty rare. I found Google pretty useful for this, as there are lots of wedding forums where people share their experiences and information.

Even if you find something you love that you know will be expensive chances are you’ll be able to find a cheaper label that does something similar, for example David’s Bridal at Westfield Stratford stocks Vera Wang White which has the most beautiful designs at a fraction of the price of her custom designs

So it’s a bit of an animal, but I found it one of the most fun tasks so have fun researching and remember prepare your boutique choices carefully!