How to: DIY Vase

As I was eating my fish and chips on Friday night (treat night), I was looking at my nearly finished vinegar bottle thinking what a nice vase shape it would make for my tables as its long and slender and would look lovely with a single bloom inside. I have been collecting jars and milk bottles over the past few months to use as vases; I think they add a really nice touch to a table, all mix and matched shapes and sizes and fit in perfectly with our homemade feel.




1. Take off the label by removing as much as you can by hand, the rest with warm soapy water and a scourer

2. Remove the cap

3. Wash out thoroughly in the sink

4. Use something decorative to wrap around like a ribbon or jute twine (I picked this up from Wilkinson at £2.00 for 250 metres)

5. Tie in a bow or wrap around and fix with superglue


This took me 10 minutes to do and I think looks like a really nice addition to my ‘vase’ collection

Would you give something like this a go?