How to: DIY Lanterns

After you have tirelessly worked on researching and booking all your suppliers including most importantly your venue, you’ll be able to get a real sense of what decoration theme and colours you want to play with.

Decorating a venue doesn’t have to cost the earth and there are so many things you can do that are super cheap, quick and easy that will add real ‘wow’ factor to your venue. One thing I am focusing on is lighting; I feel like lighting can create such a lovely ambience, especially as you go from day to evening.

This post is all about how to make the most beautiful handmade lanterns which would look great at a church and a multitude of receptions, inside or out. Better yet each one costs about £5, is totally reusable and takes only 4 items to put together


You will need:

- Jute Twine (the thicker the better as this will be taking the weight of the lantern, some great options here)
- A kilner jar (the best ones here from IKEA for only £3 each)
- A candle (Colour of your choice but needs to be quite thick and sturdy)
- Sand (Cheap and cheerful choice)

1. Remove the lid from the kilner jar
2. Fill 4 inches high with the sand, high enough to firmly hold the candle in place
3. Wriggle the candle into the middle until firmly positioned
4. Wrap and knot the jute twine around the top of the kilner jar and make a handle that can be hooked onto something or alternatively if you just want them stood up, leave out adding the time.

Et voila!


I think these are absolutely stunning and plan to hang some from a tree that is positioned right next to the barn where we are having the reception. I think they will look great!

Are you planning to make any of you’re own venue decorations?