Homemade Favours – Marshmallow Lollies

Quite a playful idea this one, super simple and quick to make but packaged prettily they look fab for little favours and can be enjoyed with coffee /tea after the wedding breakfast. They would even look nice placed in the middle of the table setting.

All you need to make them:

Wooden Sticks (As many as you want to make)

228g of Chocolate (I used 2 x bars of Galaxy to make 8 lollies but I had some chocolate left over)

2 Marshmallows per person

Sprinkles of your choice!


1. Start by adding 2 marshmallows to each stick then when you have the desired amount, leave in the fridge to harden while the chocolate melts

2. Melt the chocolate (I have a little chocolate melting device but you can melt in a bowl over some just boiled water)

3. Pour out your sprinkles liberally on a plate or any flat surface and prepare another small plate with cling film laid over the top

4. Dip each marshmallow lolly into the chocolate to fully coat, there’s no special way to do this, I just dunked then twizzled round a few times to get rid of any excess 

5. Once covered in chocolate immediately roll in the sprinkles to make sure it’s fully coated

6. When finished, lay on top of the cling film lined plate

7. Once you have dunk and rolled your lollies, place in the fridge to set and enjoy!


Are you tempted to make any of your own favours? I’m really tempted to do these for my big day because they were so simple