Wedding planning with your partner

I find there is generally 2 scenarios - the couple where 1 person is more into the planning and details than the other, or the couple that argue and butt heads about every detail. Lets face it, it is really difficult to plan a wedding alone even with the help of your friends and family. It's important to make sure that your big day reflects both of you as a couple and one person doesn't feel like they could just turn up in a suit or dress and 'just slot in'. In the cases where 1 person is more into the detail than the other, just make sure you've run everything past them; i'm sure they'll nod their head lovingly (even if they have no idea what's going on).

For those that butt heads on every detail, it's completely NORMAL.  The best thing to do is give each other different areas to focus on then each of you have different areas to organise, simply consulting the other along the way when you have some options. When we got married we were definitely in the 'butt heads' zone, each of us really passionate about each area of the wedding. So we agreed that Rich would focus on the food and alcohol which gave him enough to keep him occupied and left me free to go wild on the decor and all the other details and logistics. That way there was far less (but still some) arguments. I don't believe any couple that didn't argue at all when planning their wedding (guest list anyone??), but you have to compromise and understand that it's your partners big day too and they also deserve whatever they want.

I read this a lot but I think in the end, it's important to think about the bigger picture and remember the reason why you're getting married. Yes, planning a wedding is stressful no matter how big or small but remember that the marriage itself is the most important thing so don't sweat the 'small' stuff and enjoy it!

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