Wedding Playlists on Spotify

One of Rich’s cousin’s is a sound technician so has been able to provide all the sound system for our wedding reception for a great price. However that still means we need to provide the music and there is no point hiring a DJ when we have all the kit available.

Neither of us owns a laptop so downloading CD after CD is not an option and purchasing every song we want off ITunes is going to be too expensive. So I have just signed up to a Spotify Premium account for £9.99 a month which allows us to make playlists and download them so we can play offline… perfect wedding solution!


Image from Pinterest

I have only had it downloaded for half a day and have already sorted out 3 hours’ worth of music for my ‘Wedding Playlist’. There is a 30 day free trial as part of signing up so even if you tried it and don’t think it’s for you, it can be cancelled but you will have had a chance to play around with it.

There are thousands of tracks to choose from, new and old so it doesn’t matter if you have a specific era theme or you just want some cheesy chart tunes!

TOP TIP Our wedding is at a private address so we won’t need a music license to play but it may be worth looking into if you are paying to hire a venue