Alternative Gifts - The Bottom Drawer

In addition to the guest list, I firmly believe that deciding on how to execute a gift list is one of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding, to the point where we were close to not adding anything about it on our invites.


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Only 2 things made me change my mind. The first, was a friend who sent me an article on a couple that received 27 toasters and the second was advise that some people really want to get you a gift. We have heavily outlined that our guests presence is what matters to us, not their presents.

A great alternative to the generally restrictive gift lists from a department store is a gift site called 'The Bottom Drawer' where their gifts can range from the following and can be sourced from any supplier

  • a Grand Piano - where each key of the piano being a separate gift on the list
  • original art - where the art is divided into a virtual grid and each square of the grid is a separate virtual gift
  • garden makeovers - where each new plant and each square metre of patio become individual gifts
  • and similarly for VW Campervans, house deposits, new cars, hot-tubs, mountaineering equipment, and many more

A great one to check out if you are stuck for wedding gift ideas!