1-2 Month Countdown 'To Do' List...

Now all the invites have gone out and the RSVPs are flooding in, I’m finding this a really strange time as you are expecting to be stressed at the prospect that the wedding is so close and there must be lots and lots to do but I am actually feeling very calm.


I even confided in a close friend who has been married a couple of years to ask if this is normal…to which she responded ‘It’s a funny time 2 months before as you feel like you should be so busy but actually you’ve got all the big things planned and the details can’t be done until the last minute!’

I have found it a great time to get in touch with all the vendors to run through/confirm final numbers/details/timings for the day. I have also just had my hair trial and final florist meeting. It’s a great feeling to know you have everything under control. Enjoy this time and the lead up, you have worked hard to get to this point and enjoy as everything starts to come together!