Money money money

First things first, the BUDGET. We didn’t have a definitive amount we wanted to spend on the wedding but we just wanted to make sure it was affordable for all parties involved. I work with budgets in my day to day job and think they are a great way to track costs.

All I can say is the Internet is fantastic, a few google searches later I had a wealth of budget layouts to choose from. I found the best ones are split by activity e.g ceremony/reception/evening/sundries, have a range of different columns and already contain the formulas which will calculate as you’re adding everything in

I downloaded the below budget here 


Estimated costs - you can fill in each of the costs to give you a rough idea of what you would ideally spend on each thing, at least this gives you a total figure. Be realistic (but don’t freak out if this is higher than you originally thought)

Actual cost - once you start receiving quotes back add in the actual cost, this is quite a slow process as you won’t know the actual costs for somethings until right near the day

Deposit - if you pay any deposits add this in here, the formula set up will then calculate in another column what the balance is left to pay (I also added in the dates I paid deposits for things just so I could keep a reference)

Keep this up to date as and when you are researching and booking, it’s a great tracking tool especially if you are keeping to a tight budget. It also will help to identify where you are going over or areas you can cut from

Once you’ve got this in place, it’s all the fun bits to follow…