Catering Alternatives - Pies!

A great alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast is having a pie and mash feast. Who doesn’t love a comforting Great British Pie? Now granted this may not be the best option on a warm summer’s day so they may be more suitable for an autumnal or winter wedding. The great thing about something like this is it’s fairly fuss free; you could have 2 meat options and 2 vegetarian options with standard sides for each table.


A cute serving idea is to put the different flavoured pies into separate picnic baskets and get each of your servers to approach the tables to serve the pies straight out of the basket. It would certainly be a talking point for the table!

One of my favourite companies currently leading the way for Pie wedding feasts is Pieminister, their website is fantastic and they have a huge range of pies to choose from including lighter choices without the lid, and they are all super pretty!

I must admit I am very particular about supplier websites, I think they instantly have to register with how you feel about the look of your big day, and Pieminister really hits the spot with theirs…they would fit in perfectly with so many different types of a weddings, festival, vintage, DIY (just check out their picture gallery to see for yourself).

As ever on Lula & Rye this is also about being purse friendly, and I have seen menus starting at as little as £9.95 per person.