The Dreaded Guest List

This may not be so difficult if you already know you want a small wedding and roughly who you want to invite, but if like me you have a huge family and both of you want to invite the world and his dog, it can prove VERY tricky.

Sometimes your venue will determine guest numbers or it could be budget, but either way I think this is one of the most difficult elements of planning the wedding.

Similar to my budget tip, download a template from online. I even added everything into one spreadsheet; budget and guest list planner and saved it down as the ‘Ultimate Wedding Budget Planner’. Oh yeh.


You also feel super organised and in control of everything which is nice and you always have 1 document to refer back to even after the wedding for things like ‘thank you’ notes

Now back to the guest list - definitely test run your first drafts on notepads and DON’T forget to include you and partner into the number(!!)

There are different approaches to writing your guest list…just go all out and put down everyone you’d want there in no particular order (we did this and it makes it extremely difficult to cut down) or after reading a few tips, you could categorise your guests. It all sounds very boring and serious but it makes you address who are your absolutes and who you can actually afford to leave off the list in the end saving yourself a lot of hassle and heartache.

You would need to compile 3 different lists A list - non negotiables (close family/friends) B list - you would love them there if budget/numbers allow C list - acquaintances

So you know you have to take everyone from the A list, you can hash it out with the B list if numbers are tight then C list you don’t need to invite.

Good Luck!