Gym Motivation

I recently posted about the changes I have made to my wedding skin routine and how it will help to make me feel the best I possibly can on the wedding day. Further to this I thought I’d post a little something on fitness to. I have always enjoyed exercising; I think it has helped when I’ve had a stressful day at work, improve my general fitness in day to day life and also makes me feel happier (generally once I’ve finished!) but sometimes I find it hard to fit in to my busy schedule.

I decided on Saturday to treat myself to some new gym kit to try and motivate me to make the effort to head down to the gym, as I know it makes me feel great which is important especially because my dress arrives in a little over 2 months! I already feel like it’s making a difference now I have my luminous Nike feet (I love buying trainers that are a little different! My favourite were a gold pair I had a few years ago, Rich used to call me Michael Johnson when I wore them)

Exercising will also be a great way to de stress during the wedding planning stages, you could even exercise with your partner which I find really fun.


Do you think new gym kit or accessories would help motivate you to get to the gym before your big day?