If you are planning on producing a lot of the creative elements yourself for your wedding, there are a couple of stationary musts that I would really recommend to get you started. These few basics can help you all the way through and can be used in various different scenarios.

Notebook – Your bible for all things wedding. Take it to any wedding meetings you have and use it for notes, to do lists, plans, sketches and your general go to place for anything that you feel needs to be written down or documented

Storage Box – This is a great place to store all ‘bits n bobs’, whether it’s the collection of stationary for save the dates, favour elements, magazine cuttings, paper samples or envelopes; it keeps everything in one place

Sharpies – These are great for save the dates, table place names, table layouts, drawing plans. Anything where you need a bold font

Stamps – I bought one for £10.00 off EBay and it is really useful as you can change the wording on it so you can use multiple times for save the dates, favours, invites and RSVPs. It’s quite fiddly to change the wording around but if you need the same thing stamped numerous times it does just the job. It also has that nice vintage feel so perfect if that’s the type of vibe you are going for!

Decorative stamps – Great for adding to save the dates or corners of things to subtly tie in the theme


Recruit your friends...

I have been completely overwhelmed by the amount my friends and family that have wanted to help. Think about who you know and if they will be able to help you in any way…just a few examples below of how people could do this

Graphic designers/artists - wedding stationary

Fashion professionals - help you design/make/source bridesmaid dresses

Friends working in the food industry - discounted food/help catering for the evening reception

Good Bakers - Wedding cakes/sweet treats/favours 

All these things have such a positive impact on the budget and leave room for manoeuvre on other areas, and also make you realise how lucky you are to have such super amazing family and friends! Even if you are struggling for help, there’s lots of stuff you could do yourself if you wanted to! (lots of exemplary posts to follow)


The Dreaded Guest List

This may not be so difficult if you already know you want a small wedding and roughly who you want to invite, but if like me you have a huge family and both of you want to invite the world and his dog, it can prove VERY tricky.

Sometimes your venue will determine guest numbers or it could be budget, but either way I think this is one of the most difficult elements of planning the wedding.

Similar to my budget tip, download a template from online. I even added everything into one spreadsheet; budget and guest list planner and saved it down as the ‘Ultimate Wedding Budget Planner’. Oh yeh.


You also feel super organised and in control of everything which is nice and you always have 1 document to refer back to even after the wedding for things like ‘thank you’ notes

Now back to the guest list - definitely test run your first drafts on notepads and DON’T forget to include you and partner into the number(!!)

There are different approaches to writing your guest list…just go all out and put down everyone you’d want there in no particular order (we did this and it makes it extremely difficult to cut down) or after reading a few tips, you could categorise your guests. It all sounds very boring and serious but it makes you address who are your absolutes and who you can actually afford to leave off the list in the end saving yourself a lot of hassle and heartache.

You would need to compile 3 different lists A list - non negotiables (close family/friends) B list - you would love them there if budget/numbers allow C list - acquaintances

So you know you have to take everyone from the A list, you can hash it out with the B list if numbers are tight then C list you don’t need to invite.

Good Luck!


Money money money

First things first, the BUDGET. We didn’t have a definitive amount we wanted to spend on the wedding but we just wanted to make sure it was affordable for all parties involved. I work with budgets in my day to day job and think they are a great way to track costs.

All I can say is the Internet is fantastic, a few google searches later I had a wealth of budget layouts to choose from. I found the best ones are split by activity e.g ceremony/reception/evening/sundries, have a range of different columns and already contain the formulas which will calculate as you’re adding everything in

I downloaded the below budget here 


Estimated costs - you can fill in each of the costs to give you a rough idea of what you would ideally spend on each thing, at least this gives you a total figure. Be realistic (but don’t freak out if this is higher than you originally thought)

Actual cost - once you start receiving quotes back add in the actual cost, this is quite a slow process as you won’t know the actual costs for somethings until right near the day

Deposit - if you pay any deposits add this in here, the formula set up will then calculate in another column what the balance is left to pay (I also added in the dates I paid deposits for things just so I could keep a reference)

Keep this up to date as and when you are researching and booking, it’s a great tracking tool especially if you are keeping to a tight budget. It also will help to identify where you are going over or areas you can cut from

Once you’ve got this in place, it’s all the fun bits to follow…