So it’s a couple of weeks on now and I still think about the wedding everyday in some capacity. I think for something you have worked so hard on for so long it’s hard not to keep thinking about it. I think one of the biggest things you mull over with your partner is how it all went down, could we have done anything differently/better. I can honestly say…. ….I WOULDN’T CHANGE A SINGLE THING

Yes sure there were decorations we missed out, I forgot the pew ends in the church, my lego bride & groom on the cake and the table confetti and I also poorly planned out letting my caterer know where the cheese was for the evening but it made it out ok, I honestly don’t think anyone noticed.


This may be my perfectionist personality coming out but I have actually had those thoughts and feel bad that I missed some stuff out but after the amazing time everyone had I don’t think it made an ounce of difference. You are also probably the only person that knew those details anyway so it won’t matter!

The thing I realised, after all the DIYS and endless slog to make everything look ‘just right’ is that your friends and family are the ones that make the day anyway! Of course it’s lovely for everything to look nice but don’t let this stress you out on the run up and let the little things go…